My Early Amiga Experiences

by Howard Brodale

Back in 1987 a KBS lab coworker brought his A3000 up there that he had put “Firepower” on to its harddrive and got it working from a commandline prompt. The very colorful graphics combined with the stereo soundtrack of the tank running and running over enemy soldiers was mesmerizing. There were no roads, just open land in every direction. We could then go straight to the enemy's flag structure and capture it, then barely make it back before losing too many resources as that darn helicopter began chasing the tank, too. It was harrowing and extremely fun to play. No Microsoft PC could match that. Time just slipped away as you were trying to capture that flag while squishing running-away enemy soldiers and seeing their red blood spurting out in all directions from then being run over. And, also rescuing your freed soldiers as well. That was very dynamic, and, quite enjoyable in August of 1987. Made me want to buy one, but I couldn’t afford $3,000 then for even that machine!

Then in 1992 at the Osteopathic Hospital in Fort Worth right down from the Amiga store “Amazing Computers,” somebody brought a desktop A4000 from which they were playing a movie from the harddrive where the hd light was NOT on continuously. With a VideoToaster board. Again, something that MS PCs could not do in 1992.

I then acquired a free A2000 from a coworker and started messing around with my Amigas, never being able to duplicate that incredible “Firepower” experience on. A future Amiga Club project?