Greg's Updates

by Greg Goodwin (Dr. Clu)

ACA1221 Accelerator and memory upgrade board

When you buy the ACA1221 Accelerator upgrade board for the Amiga 1200 (and other models) from they say on the website to paraphrase:

“ACA1221 is an accelerator for the A1200 computer. It is also compatible with the ACA500 and ACA500plus. Key features are:
  • processor: MC68020-16
  • two clock ports
  • 9 MBytes 32-bit fast RAM (expandable to 63MByte)
  • Maprom option
  • variable clock speed.”

However it is not specific exactly HOW to activate these features. I wrote Amigakit on December 6th and thought they did not write back, but their response the next day on the December 7th just got lost in the catacombs of my e-mail box. :)

You need to go to
It explains everything there.”

True, there is a lot of good information on there and links to utilities in LZH compression on how to unlock a lot of the features. However, there is one nugget of knowledge that would be good to know for all model 1200 owners:

“Commodore and Escom have made all kinds of mistakes when assembling A1200 motherboards. Internal memos from Commodore are available that clearly say to remove capacitors E123C and E125C for any version of the Budgie chip, yet, you can find lots of boards out there that have these capacitors assembled. Less often, but at least as severe, some boards have capacitors E121C and E122C assembled. This will harm the quality of the 14MHz board clock to a degree where most accelerators (not just ours!) become unstable.”

That information can be found at the link below. Hey, the more you know… ;)

Changes with the AmigaVibes Podcast

I am a huge fan of music. We used to say the Atari ST had the music scene and Amiga had the graphics scene, but listening to the AmigaVibes podcast I can see the Amiga has quite a scene, especially at the time I write this.

So I’ve done reviews of the podcast, trying to at least give you, the reader, the knowledge that a new podcast was released and to check it out, and even give pointers of which music I thought was good and where the music starts in the program. Sadly on the track lists of the podcasts online they say how long the tracks are but not when they start. Shame! :P

So just know if you were subscribed to iTunes something changed after episode 49. I stopped getting new episodes when I reset my iTunes list. Today I went to the iTunes store and clicked subscribe again. Next to my previous downloads (where episodes 20 through 49 were visible) was a new list where all 54 episodes were listed, including a new one a few days ago called “Amiga Vibes / Amiga Playground” which seems to be a special episode with retro tracks. So far I have not found a track list online for the special episode. So… moral of this story: go to iTunes and subscribe.

Also, Amiga Vibes as a Internet radio station... once again. :D

“Radio Amiga Vibes

The radio is functional again !! A big thanks to Amitoo for his help!

Many had asked for it, in addition to our podcasts, here is now the radio Amiga Vibes. If you want to listen to it simply click the Radio link in the menu.

If you wish to listen to our feed via VLC, WinAmp or other here is the address:

The radio will grow progressively with more and more titles.

Enjoy demoscene music!”

That is all the news I have. See you all in February (and send in your news and articles).