Amigavibes Podcast 50

Within a Dream of Solskogen
Review by Greg Goodwin—aka Doctor Clu

AmigaVibes team presents its NuSkool mix of the Solskogen 2016 party.

Here is the tracklist of this podcast:
(And underneath the track names are my reviews of the tracks. I've also added before the track name the start time of where you can find the song in the podcast a bit more ease—Doctor Clu)

Durée : 37'09

AmigaVibes team (JeFfR3y & Jegougou) Toward the Within

- Oh wow that was bad.
* Well, they tried.
** Creative at least.
*** Some good, mostly enjoyable.
**** Really liked that. Would love to hear that from time to time.
***** Amazing, that is going in my regular listening selection.

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