Podcast 47
Edo Demo Miyako

Review by Greg Goodwin -- aka Doctor Clu

The prologue:

The last time I reviewed the Amiga Vibes podcast was Episode 37. Some might be asking how did I miss nine episodes? Well in 2015 when I started listening to the podcasts there were only 5 episodes released that year (Episodes 31 to 35) with release dates in January, September, two in October, and December.

To be honest, a few episodes downloaded which I listened to or started to listen to. Then today where the last episode I saw was from June, suddenly there were five episodes that my iTunes had not picked up before from July, two from August, two from September, and the newest one from October that I will review today.

Seeing how the podcasts are released in feast and famine, and I've only reviewed episodes 36, 37, and 47 so far, this will be a regular feature going forward.

End Prologue.

Here is the tracklist of this podcast (And also my review of these tracks in the playlist—Doctor Clu):

00:00 Jingle by JGG -- AmigaVibes (0'26)

00:29 North Of Neverland — RTXEagleEye/RTX1911 (3'14)
**** Heavy Electric Guitar piece. Good headbanger piece.

03:37 Delusive City — kensukeShimoda (3'56)
*** Suspenceful Piano piece, switches heavy guitar to Piano.

07:25 Enter the Brainforrest pt.1 (short version) — @soundsespace (1'30)
*** Electronic computer voice sounds. Game effects, like a racing part of a game.

08:51 Fresh Verdure — kazpulse (3'33)
**** As the name suggests a more fresh mellow piece with a slight beat.

12:18 Devicehigh—mino/miu-point (1'52)
*** Techno racing style music.

14:07 Confused train—machia / MachiaWorks (4'14)
*** Good piano piece, techno beat in the background gets a bit repetitive.

18:14 Save our Planet — FL1NE (T_S)/RTX1911 (3'04)
**** Electronic voice nice, dance beat song.

21:19 SID-OVERHEAVEN—Jugem-T/DSdA / Atmosphere (2'15)
*** Synthsized Orchestral. Ugg. Chiptunes but not overdone. Kinda epic sounding.

23:31 Overrun! — Wilsynth (3'30)
*** A cute retro sounding piece. Sounds like a C=64 could have done it. Low volume.

26:55 Tirana—Cutting Nation / kazpulse + Mi-2 (2'08)
**** Good active mix of music samples in a moderately paced tune.

28:57 Inverted Core—hadhad / had2apps (5'00)
** Epic beginning, an ok tune, but a bit disjointed. In the end becomes noise.

33:53 Familiar sight — vaseline_gk (1'55)
* Background alternates between two notes for the longest.

35:46 GAIA—P'ce/Cutting Nation (2'56)
**** Good tune. Steady beat synthesizer piece.

38:38 Breaking Wave—akaobi / SID Media Lab (3'12)
** Basic start, mellow tune. Kinda aquatic in spots.

41:45 Red River Boogie—CONS / TRSI (2'49)
*** Basic little boogie tune on the piano and other basic instruments.

Durée : 44'23
AmigaVibes team (JeFfR3y & Jegougou) not in Japan


- Oh wow that was bad.
* Well, they tried.
** Creative at least.
*** Some good, mostly enjoyable.
**** Really liked that. Would love to hear that from time to time.
***** Amazing, that is going in my regular listening selection.

Note: I am not a fan of chiptunes, worbly effects, and repetition. Those usually score low. I am a fan of rock, new age music, dance tracks, and about anything done well.

The above Amiga podcast can be found on iTunes (where I have a subscription to automatically download when a new episode comes out), or I also found it on amigavibes.podomatic.com.