The Amiga Graphics Archive

by Michael D. Barclay
from the AmiTech Gazette, August 2016

Not sure how long this site has been up yet as I’m just getting to look it over. A fun little site at Memories, explanations and pretty pictures. This is the Amiga Graphics Archive. Almost sounds like a Twilight Zone intro huh? What it is however, is a nice look back on part of what, in my opinion, helped make the Amiga great. This is an online collection of artwork from the older days of the Amiga when it was 16-bit. This site is really well written and shows off a lot. The first trick I noticed was the page shows a pixel (px) count across in the upper right menu bar corner. If you resize your browser screen it changes to reflect that. In addition to just a collection of pics you can see a comparison of the Atari vs the Amiga. They display the flicker of interlace screens and if you hover the pointer over the images it shows you a color palette. There is even an explanation of the old EHB (extra half-bright) mode as well as showing off some of the animations folks did. Not just color cycling as the PC was doing back then, but animation. The site is also great for a trip down memory lane.