Podcast 37

The Gathering 2K15 Freestyle
EndLess Summer of the Crown

by Greg Goodwin -- aka Doctor Clu

Spring is back and our podcast too, with a fine selection of the musical productions of The Gathering 2015 Freestyle compo

Here is the tracklist of this podcast (And also my review of these tracks in the playlist -— Doctor Clu):

- Oh wow that was bad.
* Well, they tried.
** Creative at least.
*** Some good, mostly enjoyable.
**** Really liked that. Would love to hear that from time to time.
***** Amazing, that is going in my regular listening selection.

Note: I am not a fan of chiptunes, worbly effects, and repetition. Those usually score low. I am a fan of rock, new age music, dance tracks, and about anything done well.

Above Amiga podcast can be found on iTunes (where I have a subscription to automatically download when a new episode comes out), or I also found it on this link

…Lover of music, especially by Amiga, Doctor Clu