The Latest News and Such

by Eric Schwartz
from the AmiTech Gazette, February 2016

2016 has barely gotten rolling, but it’s already been a busy time, especially in the area of celebrity deaths. One of those lost recently was Dave Needle, an engineer from the original Amiga team. Many were fortunate enough to meet him at one of the 30th anniversary events. His legacy will live on in the work he did for the Amiga series, as well as the Atari Lynx handheld and others.

Things have stabilized somewhat for me after the upheaval ending last year, allowing me some more time to get back to my computer projects. I’ve been working to make better use of the Mac systems that have been sitting around. My extra G5 tower, the one that didn’t get turned into a powerhouse MorphOS workstation, is finally reassembled and working (sort of). The new-old system is prone to occasional freezes and crashes, and I’m unsure what the problem is. I believe it’s probably hardware-related, but have yet to nail down the source of the problem. Considering the machine had been sitting for a long time in a humid place, the possibilities are many. I seem to be good at attracting flaky Mac systems, as the Powerbook I bought for portable MorphOS demonstrations has occasional issues as well, though seemingly not as bad as the one G5. While I haven’t given up on it (yet), I have expanded the RAM on the G4 Mac Mini that was originally my father’s, for a more reliable Mac system in the event that I can’t increase the stability of the others. I’ll say my Amigas rarely gave me these enigmatic troubles. They prefer to do things more directly, like burning out a power supply wire.

I shall finish up my write-up this month with some bits of news and such. The Netsurf web browser for Amiga OS4 has a new version 3.4 released. A beta version for OS 3.5 is also available. It’s nice to see choices in Amiga web browsing, though the developers say the Javascript support is incomplete on this. Other new releases include ZTools 2.3 , also for OS4, a collection of system utilities available from AmiStore. AskMeUp XXL 2.4.4 is a quiz game for OS4, MorphOS, and Windows.