Amiga Developments

by Michael D. Barclay
From the AmiTech Gazette, January 2016

Hello again. Welcome back to my ramblings of things. I hope you all had a good Western New Year. Between Christmahanakwanza and The western New Year it would seem that somebody “leaked” the source code of AmigaOS 3.1 and additional content dating back to 1994. Nothing that was leaked effects AmigaOS 4, but there are many speculating this is going to hurt Hyperion. I don’t exactly see why it would. I guess we’ll have to see. Hyperion is investigating it and I would suspect Cloanto might be too as the current owners. Oddly, while torrents would be near impossible to kill, this can still be found on legit code sites like In honesty the whole thing seems a bit staged in some ways.

For the Programmers in AmigaOS 4 there is a new version of StormC5ED. This is a code editor for the new Amigas only it seems. Most of the support in it seems to be for C/C++. Sadly I don’t think I can use that as C/C++ is just whacked to me. That said there is another tool out, PortablE r6 beta. This is a recreation of the AmigaE programming language. There have been improvements made in it though. It’s supposed to work on MorphOS, AROS, and OS4. You could use it on an AmigaOS 3.x system but it would have to be a very powerful one to handle compiling. While earlier versions of this were more for existing AmigaE programmers, this one is hoping to attract new users to it. To use this you need a working copy of GCC for compiling to an executable. From what I can find the way this one works is it translates your AmigaE into C++. I never learned AmigaE but I have to say this might be interesting.

Now then, something I am interested in is that MUI version 4.0-2015R4 for AmigaOS4/PPC and AmigaOS3/m68k has come out. The site is not the original, but has his permission to distribute it. As always you don’t get full functionality for it unless you buy a key, and that is from the original authors’ homepage Registration uses PayPal. If you already have the old 3.8 key you’re already set. Remember me mentioning GetHub? Well you can also find the new Odyssey Web Browser Public Source Code Repository. Since it is public anybody can now work on OWB. Whether this is good or bad depends on how they handle it I suppose. for those interested you can find this at THIS LOCATION. One of the things you can find is the latest source code which is 1.25. MorphOS 3.9 shipped with 1.23. Also available for Morphos: SimpleMail v0.42. Supposedly it will also work with the Gmail/Google IMAP4 servers. To do this one has to activate the “less secure Option” in Gmail. I know some folks prefer this one but I think I’m going to stick to YAM.

Another item for MorphOS: OnyxSoft celebrated their 20th revolution about the vile evil Daystar this year. As a Christmahanakwanza gift for their supporters they have given us RecentFiles.sbar v1.0. It’s a small screenbar module that will notify you about new files for MorphOS. It tells you recent changes from MorphOS-Files Portal as well as MorphOS releases from the MorphOS Team.

A very busy end and start to the years. This is the kind of busy I like though. Here is to hoping that this year is a good one for us all.