What's New For Amiga

by by Michael Barclay
from the AmiTech Gazette, December 2015

Another year has gone by and much has happened all over. I think something we should do at the meeting is just a look back at the events. A reminder of what we have and such.

A-eon and Amigakit are soon to be releasing a new “Enhancer kit” for AmigaOS 3.x and the PPC AmigaOS 4.1. Not sure how well it would work on a MorphOS machine. Hard to say. Some of the software offered in this could be helpful on the older machines though. There is a partial list of what is in it on Amiga.org. What I can see are a collection of applications, utilities, datatypes and classes. It’s supposed to be available soon. The store page for it, however, is still blank except to say coming soon.

Commodore Free, issue 90, is now available for download. This has gotten to be a great source for things Amiga as well as the C64 and a number of other Commodore machines. Issue 90 was released on November 29th. In addition to the price and the sheer amount of content, I think one of the things I like most on this is how they kept it readable for all. Way too many places seem to want the latest and greatest formats. Even when dealing with users of the older machines. Placing everything in Flash is just silly to be honest. I’ll let you discover on your own what they have. As usual you can find it at http://www.commodorefree.com/

“The Dream of Rowan” is a new game for the 68K Amigas. It’s in kickstarter at this point near as I can see for it. You need 2M of chip ram and an 020 for the game, although they recommend an 030. What I can find on this suggests it’s old style pixel art. I don’t think I’ll be looking into this one.

For MorphOS there is a new player for Android. They include a site that has a few of these. Not sure what I think on this one. It’s cute I guess but I’d imagine using an android device would be easier and nicer.

The new AmiCloud client is now available for MorphOS. Right now it costs about $11. i think you get like 2Gb at this point with it still in Beta. It allows you to move files between MacOSX and some Linux. I have to think there are easier ways to do this. Maybe for passing things over a distance between systems, but even then I don’t see the value in this. I would think an FTP client could achieve the same thing for less and be easier.