This and That

by Michael D. Barclay
from the AmiTech Gazette, April 2015

It’s time again for the ramblings of the Veep. A name from the past and one that has been missed. The AMIcast podcast included talks with Petro Tyschtschenko! I had the honor of getting to meet him a few times. He really stood by the Amiga and was a really great friend to all with the systems. You can see more on this at Episode 3 was the talks with Petro. I’ll be trying to find more on this as I can. The headphones on the Pegasos II are damaged so I’ll have to resort to the PC.

It has indeed been an odd month. The biggest news seems to be that Hyperion is claiming not to be in bankruptcy. Quoted from their site: “The company was temporally listed as 'bankrupt' despite the fact that the conditions for bankruptcy were never the eyes of the law.” They also went on to say they are working on AmigaOS 4.2. That if folks want to help they need to upgrade to AmigaOS 4.1 FE since they will be basing further updates from there. The wording on this seems bit odd to me. Like “Well it’s right, but not technically.” That and adding the request for folks to buy more seems oddly timed too. We’ll see where things go. Even though I don’t have AmigaOS 4.1 I still hope they can keep it going. has released issue 86. These always have so much to share on all the Commodore brand machines. It’s a really good source for info on Amiga as well as Vic 20 C64, and even the C16. There was one article in it that caught my eye. Sadly, it seems that Ralph Baer, the Father of gaming consoles, passed away. He was 92. In the early 1970s Mr Baer built the Magnavox Odyssey. I know a few of you know of that one at least. On happier news, Fire V0.24 has been released. Not sure if we shared this one before. TAWS, The Amiga Workbench Simulation, runs in your web browser using Java. It runs in IE, Firefox, Opera and WebKit browsers, which includes OWB. This is something I will be looking at and passing to a few friends that are still curious on the Amiga systems. 4.1 is there, but if you look in presets they have earlier Classic versions as well. If nothing else it lets us show others why this system means so much to us.

This next link is a history.

This one gives info on the Amiga. The early years and how the original OS wasn’t quite what many remember it as. I think this was slightly before I got my A1000. I had kickstart 1.3 for it however I did have earlier disks as well. It’s a good read. Brings back memories for me at least.

Aros Vision 2.9.2 online has been released. This can be looked at as new or an update. It’s going to be adding a lot more as well as be available for other systems including the Amiga Classics. There is more information at The download would seem to be free. So far it still seems to be that you run it on top of something. Standalone versions are still in the works. I don’t know as much on AROS as I’d like but it’s something to look into.

As you can see is has been a pretty busy month for Amiga. MorphOS seems to been rather quiet for now. I’m curious to see what comes up from them soon.

I’m still trying to get my A1200 working again. There is supposed to have been a way to do so with Amiga Forever, but I’ve had no luck with that. Formatting the CF card on the Pegasos II has had limited luck at best. I have a few ideas, but getting to them of late has been the biggest issue. I’ve been having to deal with restricted time due to health issues. Seizures are a pain as are bad medication interactions too. 1 thing I need to look into is getting my external HD floppy drive back on. I just can’t remember the right way for the connector. If I can get that going I do have an Emergency boot disk for the A1200. Admittedly it’s an older one though.