The "Bankruptcy" and an Amiga History Blog

by Eric Schwartz
from the AmiTech Gazette, April 2015

The supposed bankruptcy of Amiga OS4 software developer Hyperion continues to (under)develop. According to their reports, the company is reorganizing and shuffling some management positions, but never officially met bankruptcy conditions, despite being temporarily listed as such. Hyperion claims to still be developing the Amiga OS, though there may be delays as their reorganization is ironed out.

Continuing with my recent series on Amiga stuff, first I’d like to highly recommend the blog website “The Digital Antiquarian” by Jimmy Maher ( You might recognize him as the author of “The Future Was Here” Amiga book among other computer history volumes. The blog also covers a lot of history for computers and games. The Amiga got a lot of press in his recent blog articles, such as a history of one of the Amiga’s first "killer apps," the game “Defender of the Crown” by Cinemaware. Even better is a three-part series of articles titled “The 68000 Wars,” which covers much of the Amiga’s history from its earliest inception to the shuttering of the Commodore-Amiga west coast division in Los Gatos, while telling parallel tales of Atari, Jack Tramiel, their relationships with Commodore and Amiga, and the development of the Atari ST computer. The articles strive for honesty, sometimes to a brutal degree, and as much historical accuracy as possible, trying to avoid the more heroic spin often attached by the storytellers. Even so, the Amiga story remains at least as interesting and exciting as any ostensibly historical movie or TV series revolving around Bill Gates or Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg. All we need is to find a suitable canine star to play the part of Mitchie. Summing up, if you have any interest in Amiga history at all, and a spare hour or two, I strongly urge you to check out Mr. Maher’s blog. You might need to backtrack some to get to the beginning of the "68000 wars" series, but it’s extremely worth the time and effort for a rewarding read.