Bankruptcy? Again?

by Eric Schwartz
from the AmiTech Gazette, February 2015

In the Amiga world, perhaps the big news surrounds Hyperion, the software developer behind the Amiga OS4. Documents were turned up apparently showing the company was filing for bankruptcy, leading to swirling speculation and doom-saying, and talk that the the OS4.1 "final edition" was prophetic. Since the news first broke, people supposedly in the know have come forward, saying the reports of Hyperion’s death are greatly exaggerated and misunderstood. I suppose time will tell the result. It’s strange to be in a place where there are multiple avenues of "Amiga-ness," where the possible loss of one, even the officially name-endorsed one, could be considered more inconvenience than true disaster, though in honesty that’s because the real disasters happened over a decade ago.

Business goes on in Amiga circles, regardless. On the heels of purchasing rights and developing Personal Paint, A-EON has acquired the venerable Amiga image processing software ImageFX Studio and Cinemorph, and plans to further develop that as well. I look forward to seeing what development come of that, as I still use ImageFX quite a bit, though I’m still a bit pensive as a MorphOS user, since A-EON is in bed with OS4 as a hardware developer, and that it likely their first priority at best, with MorphOS thrown no bones at worst. Regardless, it’s better to see development reopening on this classic graphic software than leaving it in the capable yet stagnant place it’s been for a long time. If a few more software classics are dusted off and modernized, the Amiga crowd can have a mini-resurgence, or at least get more use out of the systems they have. AmiKit version 8 is available as a download package or a bootable flash drive for PC systems. As I understand it, it’s a combination of a Linux Distro (AmiPUP), emulator, and Amiga software designed to give a "best available" Amiga experience on your garden variety PC, and sufficient Amiga systems as well. I’ll have to look into it when I have a chance. For MorphOS users, a new desktop publishing program called Calimero is available in a beta version. I don’t know much about it yet, but new productivity software is always welcome, though it will take a bit to come up to the standard of the classic Amiga DTP application Pagestream.

That’s the news for now.

(STOP THE PRESSES!) It was just reported that AEON has acquired development rights to the OctaMED family of audio and music software, further expanding their portfolio of Amiga productivity apps to bring into the future).

Hyperion Response

February 14, 2015

To quote a famous writer: "The news of our demise is greatly exaggerated." This is the result of an unfortunate administrative mishap by a third party and is in the process of being addressed / cleared-up. This may take a while as everything takes a while in Belgium whilst <sic> it comes to administrative and judicial matters. Those dancing on our grave, sorry guys, no party here.