A-EON and More

Michael D. Barclay
from the AmiTech Gazette, December 2014

A-EON Technology would seem to be out to become the new Amiga Inc. In ownership of things and not in practices though. Already owning the AmiApp shop and Amiga.org they have now acquired the Amiga (68K and PPC) side to Aladdin4D. This not only includes AmigaOS but MorphOS and AROS ports as well. DiscreetFX still has the rights to non-Amiga ports at this time.

This next item I have mentioned before for an earlier version. AmiKitReal is now at version 8.0 and it is still a free download. This is for those of us still with an Amiga or emulation. This is not to be confused with AmiKit8 which is made to run on multiple platforms. AmiKitReal is based on AmiKit8 but it’s an unofficial port of it. One of the bigger additions to this version is that MUI4 is used although you can revert to 3.8 if you need. EasyNet Pro is also now available. If you have the original you can update for a lower price. The cost is about $31.33 through Amikit. It supports quite a few SANA-II network devices. I may end up getting it if I can’t get Miami to use the USB/Ethernet device I’m going to get my A1200. If you have the Amistore app you can download it, however without this you will need to wait for them to ship a CD with it.

In the MorphOS camp we have a beginning feature for Calimero 0.4: A Powerpoint (.ppt) loader. This is still in development but they seem to be making quite a few updates rather quickly for it. I’m still reading up on a few other items such as a new item called Romboot 44.4. It would seem to just be a new module but I’m unclear as to what exactly it is as they only point to a Youtube video that shows a different kickstart screen. I’ll share what I can find out later on it.

Another year has passed. The group is still going but does seem smaller then ever. I’ve likely got more OSs in my home than any would have believed of this “Amiga Snob.” The A1200 with Amiga 3.9, Pegasos II with MorphOS 3.7 an old A2000 even with AmigaOS 2.0 I think... There is the Win 7 Pro 64 Monster (But even that has Amiga Forever and soon AmiKit8 if I can figure it out. 2 MacMini G4s I may try selling soon and a Dual G5 Powermac. Once I get MorphOS to the Dual G5 Powermac, I will be happier still but that will take time because of funding for some time, sadly. While I have Windoze and older MacOS the Pegasos II and A1200 are still dear. The Pegasos II is still my primary system and I’m still working on the A1200 to improve it as well. I’ll have a SATA drive on the Pegasos II soon and a larger IDE on the Amiga as well (I might be looking into a way to add SATA to the A1200 as well) so space will not be an issue anymore. I even found 128M SIMMs that I could use to raise the RAM to 256M on her as well... While I and many of us use other platforms, it’s good to know there are those that still care for this elegant and lovely system. I constantly get bashed for this mode of thinking. Many of even our group say that things are dead, but as long as my Amigas are working and useful Amiga isn’t dead. Any that say it’s fallen behind haven’t been looking either.

Take care, stay warm and be safe.