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Hello again and welcome to more ramblings from the Veep. There seems to be a bit to write about this month. We’ll start with a nice free one first. The Commodore Free Magazine is now up to issue 82. You can get this at This is more than just Amiga and is available as PDF, ePUB, HTML, txt, and other formats. As a small FYI, MorphOS has an alpha ePUB reader out. I am going to wait till it’s further along to get it. The free to download magazine is dedicated to just about ALL of the Commodore computers. Some items that were mentioned were that Dopus 5.90 has been released. Sadly at this time there is no MorphOS version. This will work on both classic AmigaOS and AmigaOS 4. You can find this at I may see how compatible the AmigaOS 3.x version is on MorphOS.

MUI 3.9 was released for AmigaOS3.x on classic machines. This is a closed source version but is with the permission of the original author. A $25 key from registers this. If you bought MUI 3.8 it’s the same key.

This is a bit of old news but I don’t think we covered it before. They are still working on the Apollo CPU. As I understand it there will be several versions of this — the first to be released is the Apollo-Phoenix. This is a FPGA size optimized version of the Apollo CPU Design. It is a complete CPU replacement for 68000 chips . It will work in the A1000, A2000, and A500. I’m not sure on the speeds of these as they list the Apollo’s but not the Apollo-Phoenix’s speeds directly. For the Apollo they say “The core can reach up to 200 MHz / 400 MIPS in consumer type Cyclone FPGA, and up to 400 MHz / 800 MIPS in enterprise type FPGA.” I don’t know if it’s the same for the Apollo-Phoenix which is already currently in customer beta testing. The full availability is planned for sometime in the 3rd quarter of 2014. So hopefully soon. I will be adding this to my list of things I’d like to have.

Everybody wants that money stuff I keep hearing about for everything. I still have a working old A2000 I’d love to see this in someday. If the speeds they gave were for the Phoenix version as well it would be amazing to see. Unfortunately I don’t know where I can get 3.1 ROMs for the A2000. There has been more talk of folks using the Gotek floppy emulator that I reported on a few months back. I’m not sure on the shipping but from what I hear it’s still only $20. When I can I’ll have to look into this more. If I remember right these were coming out of China directly and you had to flash them. There was a comment that not all USB sticks/ thumbdrives / flashdrives work. I’ll be doing more research on this I guess. Yeah another want to have list item.

For those of us using MorphOS, 3.7 is now out! This one seems to be mostly bug fixes for a number of sections and applications including Scribble, which is what I use to write this. I’m downloading this as I write this and will have more to tell at the meeting I’m sure.

I hate to say that my A1200 is still down. There were some unexpected bills this month so the IDE adapter I need has to be placed on hold. I have decided to go with a less expensive one. Amigakit has the 4xEIDE’99 Buffered Interface. With shipping it’s about $63.29. While the FastATA 1200 MK-IV was tempting and had a number of extras and perks, it’s $139.70 with shipping. Plus you have to buy a separate set of ROM chip risers for $7.14 (before shipping) to make it fit with a BVision board. That and part of it is cap mounted to Gayle and I worry about that over-heating. With as many issues as I have getting the parts right now it’s only the lack of funds rather than the enjoyment of the system that is holding me back.

I confuse quite a few that I prefer having the original systems rather han emulation. I do have Amiga Forever 2013 on the PC, and I’m looking into a few others to add to it, but it’s never the same. It just never feels right. As soon as I can she is going to be kickass again!

Take care and be safe,

...Michael D. Barclay, The Veep!
From the AmiTech Gazette, August 2014