The Latest

by Michael D. Barclay
from the AmiTech Gazette, July 2014

Hello again and welcome to another month of Veep babblings. Some good and just different things have been happening of late so let’s get started.

I’ll start with MorphOS this month. There have been a few releases there. First, MorphOS 3.6 is out for those that missed it. I have installed this and it went in quite easily. Fanfare please! Anyways, a much requested feature has been added this time. MorphOS can now use the built-in Wifi in Apple systems. I’m sure Eric is eager to test out this feature in his MorphOS laptop. He should also be able to define custom screens for it too now. There was also some work to add an AMD graphics card like the Radeon X800 PRO and FireGL X3. They added a new filesystem with 64-bit I/O support. This adds in sharing storage devices through your network. They mentioned remote access with a new VNC Server and Synergy client. I’ve had many but me to use this sort of thing but just can’t seem to do so. I’ll stick to using a KVM for now. Most of what this has, aside from those items, were bug fixes. I still like that I can say feature for things in this and it means a good thing, where as with MS and many others now it’s usually something bad. That said, not everything in this upgrade is good news. They still have version 1.23 of OWB in the MorphOS 3.6 .iso. Even though 1.24 had been released just before MorphOS 3.5.1 was. Both still seem to have the same bug I reported here and several places on MorphZone. They are having trouble downloading from sites requiring a user name and password. You can get in and view images just fine. However, instead of saving the display, like iBrowse used to, it re-downloads it from the site and there is where it falters. There is a work-around in the case of images. View just the image, then from OWB’s menu select save page. You have to remove the .html from the name, but that is easily done when you save it. The file extension is still there as well. Even with this work-around I’ve been going back and using version 1.20 of it. Not sure what was changed between these and have not heard anything back from the forums I posted to either, sadly.

Now then, for MorphOS 3.6 comes SoundBankster. This is an audio mixing application for those DJ enthusiasts. With all it’s supposed to be packing, I was very surprised and impressed at just how small this was. The .lha archive was only about 394k. I haven’t gotten to play with it yet but it sounds like a fun and useful tool. Last item I have for you for MorphOS is GenesisPlus v 1.7. As the name suggests, this is a console emulator. I don’t have this yet as I don’t have any games I know of before that. As my family is fond of saying about me, the noob is strong in this one. I stopped looking at consoles games since the first Playstation and Atari Jaguar. If it wasn’t for the fact I do some of my web surfing with the PC I’d call it a game console too, to be honest. That’s mostly what I do with it. That and a few IM clients and I have some of them on the Pegasos II as well.

For Amiga, I wasn’t able to find a lot that would help us. There is a German magazine out but I don’t know if an English version is out. Something I was unsure of was that one of the Amiga founders, RJ Mical, is now working for Google. He is working there but what I can find says he’s been there for a while... near as I can tell since 2012. So I’m not sure why that was a surprise to anybody at this date. There wasn’t much else I could find other than somebody asking about 128M simms for the blizzard accelerators. I’m curious on this as well. I found some but I’m not sure on voltages for them -- whether it’s 3.3v or 5v. Also what I find is a format I’m unsure of. I’ll report more on this as I find things out.