Vintage Computer BBS List

Edition 1: October 1st 2012

  1. Qualifying boards must be running on actual hardware built prior to 1993, OR
  2. Operating software originally coded prior to 1993 under emulation. An (*) next to the board name signifies emulation.
  3. All Telnet boards are port 23 unless otherwise noted after the hostname.
  4. List will be updated "as needed"; so once every month, two months, whatever.
    Get the current one at:
    (document is shared publically so anyone can access it)
  5. For additions to the list, corrections, suggestions, gripes etc. email: or user #1 at
  6. As this is the first edition I'm sure there are some mistakes and missing boards, so feel to drop an email.
…Mad Hatter

BBS NAME Telnet Address:Port Misc. Notes
Extradition AmiExpress
Uzi Suicide 3000T/AmiExpress
SandnesBBS 1200/ABBS
Window Of Illusion  CNet
Dj's Place Apple 2/GBBSPro
RMAC Diversi-Dial #34 Apple 2
Savage Frontier Diversi-Dial(*) Linked w/RMAC
Boot Factory(*) BBS ExpressPro
Darkforce ST4/ExpressPro
Electric Cafe 130XE/ExpressPro
The Grove(*) BBS Express ST
Thunderdome 130XE/ExpressPro
YYZ BBS 130XE/Oasis Jr
Commodore 64 / 128    
Anarchy Underground 64/C*Base
Antidote 128/C*Base
Cat's Claw 64/Image
Elite BBS 128/Dragonfire
Endless Chaos 64C/Metalsoft
Jamming Signal 64/EBBS
Mad World 128/Centipede
My C=ult (My Hangover?) 128/All American
Riktronics 64/Image
South Of Heaven(*)  
The Hidden(*)  
The Underground Domain(*) Color-64
TI-99/4A & Myarc Geneve 9640    
Heatwave / 602-955-4491 9640/S&T BBS
The Hidden Reef  718-448-9402 TI99/Dialup only
Xanadu / 780-439-8364 RoboBoard FX 1.0