15 Laws Still on the Books

  1. West Virginia: Roadkill may be taken home for supper.
  2. Pinal County, Arizona: No outdoor dancing.
  3. Washington D.C.: Criminals should report their crimes ahead of time.
  4. Utah: Hunting whales is forbidden.
  5. Austin, Texas: You may not carry wire cutters in your back pocket.
  6. Tennessee: You may not bring a skunk with you into the state.
  7. North Carolina: Costume meetings are not allowed.
  8. New Jersey: You may not pump your own gas.
  9. New Orleans: You may not curse at firmen while they are performing their duty.
  10. Kennesaw, Georgia: You must own a gun.
  11. Seaside, Florida: Every house must have a white picket fence and a two-story porch.
  12. Southington, Connecticut: The sale of Silly String is banned.
  13. Boulder, Colorado: No couches are allowed on porches.
  14. Los Angeles, California: No toad licking.
  15. Tennessee: Atheists and preachers may not serve in public office.