Hyperion and A-EON Announcement

Hyperion Entertainment CVBA and A-EON Technology CVBA announce strategic partnership

Brussels, Belgium – February 20, 2010

Hyperion Entertainment and A-EON have entered into a strategic partnership to provide the Amiga community with a dedicated high-end PowerPC based platform for AmigaOS 4.x which aspires to be worthy of the Amiga hardware tradition going back to the original Amiga 1000 from Commodore.

The massively expandable AmigaOne X1000 will inspire both current and former AmigaOS users and will also appeal to those looking to exploit the incredibly versatile onboard functionality offered by the unique “Software Defined Silicon” technology from XMOS (www.xmos.com) which, in true Amiga tradition, provides the AmigaOne X1000 with a custom chipset of potentially unparalleled flexibility and scalability.

Software development by Hyperion to bring AmigaOS 4.1, the most advanced incarnation of AmigaOS ever, to the AmigaOne X1000 hardware has been ongoing for quite some time and is progressing very well.

More details about the AmigaOne X1000 hardware and housing will be forthcoming from A-EON Technology shortly.