Amiga On Windows

by Ronald Schwartz
from the AmiTech-Dayton Gazette, November 2009

I was looking at the web site and I saw a post from a Brit, about windows 7. I must admit that, since I have no interest in Windows, I hadn't seen or looked for anything about the new version of Windows. The Writer, apparently from Nottingham, England, said, so far, Windows 7 seems to be what the successor to XP should have been... Windows Plaster 2007 as it should have been called.

I also ran across something I thought was rather interesting there. Amiga Explorer software makes it possible to access the resources of an Amiga from a Windows system. The configuration is simple and only requires a few mouse clicks on the Windows side. It allows a Windows system to copy data to and from an Amiga. It can move, alter and examine Amiga files and information through the Windows interfaces. The Amiga side works with all Amiga computers and is compatible with Amiga OS 4.0 and Morph OS. The Windows side works on Windows 95, 98, Me, NT 4.0, 2000, XP, Server2003, Vista, 7, and Server2008. There is also an "x64" setup file for use on 64-bit versions of Windows. There are some limitations, so if you are interested in it, check into them. Amiga Forever, adds an Amiga emulation and Workbench package if you need them.

I saw a discussion on about what will drive the New Amiga. While it was strictly a discussion by the participants on, it got me to wondering if the discussion came up because the word is out that there will be a new Amiga, or if it is strictly a group of us old Amiga fans discussing what we would like to see. It would really be nice if we would soon learn that there is soon to be a new Amiga, but I guess I'd better not hold my breath, right? But, I will keep my fingers crossed that someday it will finally happen. I guess I'd better also keep them crossed that I live that long. For now I'll just live with the Amiga web sites hoping to see some good news some day,