Bumper Stickers

I Am Not An Alcoholic
I'm a Drunk
Alcoholics Go To Meetings

Driver Carries No Cash
He's Married

Take Your Ex Out Tonight
(One Bullet Oughtta Do It)

Can't Feed 'Em?
Don't Breed 'Em

4 Out Of 3 People
Have Trouble With Fractions

Drugs Lead Nowhere
But It's The Scenic Route

I Child-Proofed My House
But They Still Get In

Hang Up And Drive

The Shortest Sentence
Is "I Am."
The Longest Is "I Do."

Where The Hell Is
Easy Street?

If Money Is The Root
Of All Evil, Why Do
Churches Beg For It?

Keep Honking
I'm Reloading

Work Harder
Millions On Welfare
Depend On You!