Amiga Forever -- What's New?

New features in Amiga Forever 2009:

Additional new and improved features that were already included in part in Amiga Forever 2008*:

Additional details about the player for Windows, which was also greatly improved in the new 2009 version:

* Indicates Plus Edition Features. The Express Edition and Value Edition are limited to 1.3 ROM, and only include 50 games out of the box (which is still more than in previous versions of the software).

Features describing the "player" refer to the Windows version. Amiga content is also usable on other platforms, with additional software (both included and available for download elsewhere).

For their help during the development of Amiga Forever 2008 and 2009, special thanks to Amir Ansari, Robert Trevor Dickinson and Toni Wilen. See the Credits section in the Amiga Forever documentation for additional details.