The Retrochallenge 2008 Winter Warm-up

from Greg Goodwin

Announcing The Retrochallenge 2008 Winter Warm-up, which is the warm up for the real challenge coming in the summer...

Basically, it's a bunch of people working on retrocomputers more for a month, talking on the Retrocomputer forum, and getting on the Retrocomputer telnet BBS!

Also, there is a telnet BBS with an extensive list of telnet links to other BBS's run on non-standard platforms (So far, Atari 8 bit and 16/32 bit as well as Commodore 8 bit and 16/32 bit). And other non-standards will be added as they are found.

Just check out...
The Prison Board BBS (click the picture of the hand shake)
(register) hit enter a lot, then "x" at main menu, "A"=Atari or "C" for Commodore then select a BBS!