Comcast prepping super fast 100Mbps+ cable modems

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Just when we were amazed at Verizon launching their 50Mbps service, Comcast has announced plans to begin offering DOCSIS 3.0 which means users can potentially see speeds of up to 160Mbps down and 120Mbps up.

This updated and much improved service is expected to be available beginning in 2008 with around 20% of their subscribers eligible for these increased speeds. Comcast has not yet announced just where those lucky 20% will be, but for once this seems like a time that many would be jealous and almost desire to be a Comcast subscriber.

There is a little bad news to go with all this good; isn't there always. The upload speeds will eventually reach a potential 120Mbps, however in the beginning they will be very limited as Comcast will focus on the download speeds. The faster upload speeds are expected to arrive sometime late in 2008 or even early 2009.

With a service offering like this, one could make a fairly safe guess that the coverage will most likely fall in line with Verizon's FiOS coverage areas in order to maximize the competition. I still consider myself fortunate to have a 15Mbps down connection and for the most part I am more than satisfied, I could not even imagine a 160Mbps down connection.