AmiKit 1.0.3

24 December, 2005
AmiKit is the compilation of the best Amiga (free/shareware) programs around. To be brief, AmiKit is all you need if you want to experience a high-end Classic Amiga system. It contains many expansions and add-ons (more than 20.000 files are included in AmiKit!) that turn the default AmigaOS installation into a completely renewed and fresh environment. This pre-configured package is designed for immediate use. Moreover, it contains an exciting surprise for the whole Amiga community, see the features!


The most exciting feature of AmiKit is:
Directory Opus Magellan II v5.82
used as a Workbench replacement! This commercial software has never been freely released to the public before. If you do not know anything about this excellent piece of software, you should check it out NOW! You're going to love it. Here are few words from Andreas Loong (GuruMeditation), who has kindly given permission to use DOpus Magellan II in the AmiKit project: "We acquired the full rights to Dopus Magellan late 2004. We've agreed to include the trial version on this distribution to let people have a go and tinker with it as much as they like. We're closing in on a new release, updated with various features that will come towards the end of 2005. If you find the version here worth your time, I hope you will check out the version we're making for AmigaOS 4!"

Next exclusive features of AmiKit

AmiStart(v0.66) -- Darius Brewka has created a special version for AmiKit

GlobalTrash(v1.5a1) -- Oliver Blumert has created an exclusive AmiKit preview version

ReqChange(v3.15) -- Magnus Holmgren has created a free keyfile for AmiKit

ShowAmiga96 (v2.3d) -- Heiko Mueller has created a special version for AmiKit

FullPalette (v40.23) -- Massimo Tantignone has sent me his updated version

Even more features

KensIcons -- complete set of icons, some painted exclusively for AmiKit by Ken Lester!

KensOS4 -- two visual themes exclusively created for AmiKit by Ken Lester!

microgolded -- the best text Amiga editor around has been licensed for AmiKit!

MorpheuZ -- tool that allows you to easily change the design of system windows in AmiKit!

AmiKit Launcher -- easy to use graphical user interface created by Rex Schilasky

Other major features


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