The MCCC 20th Anniversary Reunion

The Report -- from Bill Raecke

Build it and they will come... July 27th 2003 was the day. From my perspective it was a success. We had about 60 people in attendance. That's just a very small fraction of the people who have been members of the club over the past 20 years, but it was enough to renew some friendships and refresh some memories. The computers lining the walls helped. Many of those in attendance brought their computers for the rest of us to enjoy. We had everything from a C-64 to a new PegasOS computer running MorphOS.

I want to thank all those who made this event a success. That includes everyone who attended. But a special thanks to those who helped organize and pull everything together. The work began in February when we began putting together a roster of past members. This wasn't as easy as it probably should have been. We had several databases to combine... and I'm sure the final list was incomplete. We wound up with a list of 815 past members. When you consider that this club at one time had an active membership of 600, it's clear that more than 815 were members at one time or another. Still, we were faced with the daunting task of trying to contact 815 past members. That's a lot of phone calls... and a lot of wrong numbers.

When our phone calls had given us a rough idea of how many would be attending, we began to plan on location, refreshments, activities, and so on. And on July 27, 2003 it all came together.

Other than myself, the planning committee consisted of:

Thanks again guys!

Since the web is a visual medium, I'll let pictures of the Reunion tell the story. Four people were kind enough to photograph the event and supply me with pictures to include here. Here are their photos.