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The Jim Butterfield Weekend

May 11 and 12, 1985

On the weekend of May 11 - 12, 1985, the MCCC and SCOPE (a Dallas Commodore user group) teamed up to bring Jim Butterfield to the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex for a weekend. The weekend began with a banquet, continued with a couple of training workshops led by Jim Butterfield, and ended with a talk to the user groups led by Jim and Pete Baczor, the Commodore User Group Coordinator. This ending meeting also gave the group the first look at the C128 and the Amiga.

Below are some pictures from the event. Click on the thumbnails for the full image.

At the banquet: Jim Buterfield with Bill Raecke (MCCC) and Betty Clay (SCOPE)

Jim Butterfield with his new MCCC baseball cap

Jim Butterfield: now with MCCC baseball cap and t-shirt

A view of the programming workshop

Another view of the programming workshop

Jim Butterfield in instructor mode

Bill Raecke with Jim Butterfield

Jim Butterfield giving some hands-on assistance

At the podium

Jim Butterfield with MCCC founder Garry Wordelman

At the podium

Bill Raecke (foreground) with Betty Clay and Harold Williams

Jim Butterfield answering questions